Christmas at Quiet Castle- new release



I wanted to let you know of my newest release Christmas at Quiet Castle. It’s on Amazon Kindle now and will be on Audible within the next few weeks…in time for Christmas!

I’m a sucker for happy endings and for Christmas stories/movies. So I love including the holidays in my stories as it’s such a time of magic and hope for many of us.

Here’s a brief synopsis of the story…check it out and tell a friend. I’d be eternally grateful.

Meredith Vincent, the popular co-host of the #1 talk show; “It’s a Great Day, New York”, is at the top of her game and has everything she’s ever dreamed of. Her perfect world comes crashing down when her husband is killed in a plane crash and she discovers that she was under investigation for embezzlement. In the aftermath of the scandal that follows Meredith loses everything.

On the recommendation of her attorney Meredith has to leave town and lay low. So with little more than the clothes on her back she catches a bus and heads to the last place she remembered being happy; a Hippy retreat in West Texas called Quiet Castle.

In the hills of Texas with the help of a troubled orphan, the spirit of the previous owner and a lost love, Meredith begins the process of picking up the pieces of her broken life and discovers what true happiness really is.