SSSVeda Day 17 Make a Decision

Life is made up of millions and millions of decisions. From what you want to eat, to who you want to marry or where you want to work. It’s only when you look back sometimes that you see how even little decisions had a huge impact on your life.

So today I suggest that you make a decision. Even if your life is great, Veda17-Make-a-Decisionis everything as you wish it to be? Do you look as good as you’d like? Is your relationship with your spouse, kids, siblings, family, friends all that you would like it to be? Do you feel as good as you’d like to feel? Is your relationship with God as deep as you’d like it to be…I think you get the picture.

For me I see now in my 60s that even non-decisions are decisions. So I’ve been making changes in my life over the last year and a half: more dramatic changes than I made in the last 20 years in fact, and things are happening. Life is changing. It’s never too late. So what decision are YOU going to make? Now, this very minute???? Trust me little changes have a way to leading to bigger ones…

If you can’t think of one…then may I suggest you spend a little bit more time with God every day? Even 5 minutes can open some doors for you that you might not expect.


SSSVEDA Day 16-George Muller-a Man of Faith

It was recommended to me by a pastor I listened to one day to read the biographies of some of the leaders in the faith over last couple of hundred years. Names such as Finney, Wigglesworth, Lake, Booth, Wesley and MullerVeda16-George-Muller were mentioned.

I just recently finished both an autobiography and a biography of George Muller. His story fascinated me. In a nutshell he lived in the 1840s to 1860 timeframe and while he was a real rebel rouser when he was young, he came to the faith in his 20s and his life turned around.

He decided to make his life an example to non believers of the fact that God was real, and more importantly that God loved us and cared about us and would answer prayers. So he and his wife agreed to life and raise his family and build orphanages without asking for a single dime….ever. He had a relationship with God that was so strong that he would pray for what they needed in the way of land, money for food, money for clothes, money for building an orphanage, help to run the orphanage etc. He believed that if his work was directed by God (and he didn’t do anything until he felt he had God’s blessing) then God would provide.

It would have been impressive enough if it were he, his wife and daughter that he was providing for, but it wasn’t. In the years George Muller lived like this he built numerous orphanages including one that was 700 beds. At the same time he provided money to other orphanages, printed the Bible for distribution and supported missionaries in the field. And he did it all without asking for a penny. H

Muller was meticulous with his bookkeeping as to what was given and what he used the money on. He would write annual reports to show and again he was adamant that no one could ever say he wavered in his faith. He wanted to be, and he was, living proof that God was trustworthy and could be trusted to provide for all of your needs. His faith brought many to God.

I have yet to memorize a lot of verses but one that comes to mind often is: Mark 9:24 where the man asking for his daughter to be healed is asked by Jesus if he believes, the man answers emphatically, “I believe…help my unbelief…” How that fits me and my life right now. I really do believe yet if I truly did believe that God would provide, I wouldn’t worry sometimes about the fact that i don’t have a closing coming up in the next month. Or I wouldn’t think twice about the fact I don’ t have much of a retirement plan. George Muller was offered money to set up his retirement fund and he wouldn’t take it saying to set up funds for the future would be an act against God believing that God wouldn’t continue providing for him when he is old…what faith….

Are you an example of living in the faith? Do you have examples where God came into your life and healed you, or provided for you in times of need so you can draw on those instances for deeper faith. If not then do what I’m doing and read some of the biographies of men of faith. I find them inspiring and pushing me to be bolder myself

SSSVEDA Day 15 The Value of a Church Family

After being ‘anti church’ for most of my adult life, it’s ironic that I’m here to encourage you to find a church family.Veda15-Find-a-church-family

The ‘church’ I was opposed to, was the big structures with a lot of dogma, politics, holy-rollers etc. Yet now, after attending a church for 2 years now, and reading the Bible and getting a clearer idea of what Jesus believed was a ‘church’ helped give me a better understanding of the true church.

In Jesus’ day it wasn’t about a structure, it was about a community, fellowship, sharing the gospel and deepening the faith.

It wasn’t until I expanded my view of church by joining the community groups, whereby I met individuals in the church in small group settings at people’s homes. There I learned the true meaning of church and fellowship.

It’s in these groups that my faith has deepened. And ironically, it helps make the Sunday service much more meaningful. So if yu were turned off by the church growing up. or have never belonged to a church family, I encourage you to give it a try. Find a church that encourages small groups during the week, and then step out of your comfort zone and go to a few. If one doesn’t work, check out another. If you are anything like me you might find the true meaning of ‘church’.

SSSVEDA Day 14 Faith vs. Works

If someone asked what my biggest ‘ah hah’ was over the past year of reading the Bible, this would be it. You can’t get to heaven through works. That is, it’s not enough to be a good, loving person, even one doing great works for other people, and get to heaven.

Don’t get me wrong…Good works are good…but it’sVeda14-Faith-vs-Works clear in the New Testament that the ONLY way to get to heaven is by declaring that Jesus Christ is your Savior, that he is the Son of God, that he was born, was crucified, and resurrected all in order to wipe out our sins. If you don’t believe that, then it doesn’t matter how nice you are…it doesn’t matter that you went to church/synagogue, mosque or where ever you want weekly or even daily…

I sound like a broken record but if you are a Christian, or if you are considering becoming a Christian, or if you are an Atheist or Agnostic, and you haven’t yet read the Bible (at least the New Testament), then honestly you don’t know what you are talking about.  I don’t mean that in a bad way, it’s just you might think you know what’s in it, but honestly, you don’t.

So take a bit of time and read the New Testament (after that you can go on to the Old Testament if you are wanting to fill in some more gaps). You can a copy of the New Testament on Amazon for $2.50 or so. (If you are a newbie I’d suggest starting out with the ESV, NIV or maybe NLV versions. They are easier to understand than the King James or New King James versions.)

Take it from a person who considered herself to be a Christian all of her life. Reading the Bible from front to back for the first time in my 60s was an eye opening and life changing experience.

SSSVEDA Day 12 Stay Connected

We’re on Day 12 of SSSVEDA which is a video every day for the month of April. I decided to make the subject of my videos this month ‘my journey of Faith’ or something along those lines. And admittedly I did the videos on time this past week but didn’t get the blogs out. So catching up today putting the last few days videos on the blog. Sorry about that.


Today my video was about my relationship with God. Or more generally the need to build a relationship with God.

A relationship with God is like a relationship with anyone…in order to make it work you have to stay connected.