SSSVeda Day 21 Putting Lipstick on a Pig

Have you ever heard the expression “Putting Lipstick on a Pig”?SSSVeda-Day-21-Lipstick-on-a-pig No matter how much lipstick you put on it…don’t be fooled…it is still a pig.

The saying is an oldie but in real estate it is still very relevant I stage homes to make them pop on the internet but don’t confuse that with putting lipstick on a pig. In my years in business I’ve learned that agents willing to cut corners and deceive people ultimately don’t stick around for a lot of years.

So what does this have to do with the bible? A lot. I think there are a lot of people out there dressing their sermons or ministries up as bible-based but yet they aren’t praising Jesus. I’m a new believer and it is CRITICAL that I build my faith on a strong foundation. I need to reach out to experts, do my reading, pray and ask for guidance. Otherwise I’m building a weak foundation and the first sign of bad weather it will all come tumbling down.

So in whatever you set out to do, don’t rush in and skip the most critical step…building a strong foundation. There aren’t any short cuts in learning anything; dancing, playing an instrument, drawing, singing, writing, carpentry work, masonry or…learning the bible. You have to spend time in study and in practice…so that’s where I am not. It might not be the most glamorous part of life but it will pay dividends in this lifetime…and in the case of building your faith…your eternal lifetime as well.


SSSVeda Day 19 Good Morning Holy Spirit

An ah hah for me in my early months of reading the bible is the imporSSSVeda-19-Good-Morning-Holy-Spirit.jpgtance of The Holy Spirit.

I’ve always known He existed. I’ve known He was part of the Holy Trinity but I guess in many ways The Holy Spirit seemed a ‘lesser’ of the Three. The Holy Spirit had never been a part of my prayer process (granted my prayer process wasn’t any where as deep as it should have been) but even so The Holy Spirit wasn’t involved at all.

After reading the bible for awhile The Holy Spi
rit was mentioned often enough that I couldn’t help but realize I had some how missed the boat on how He fit in.

In questioning further I was led to the book I talk about today called GOOD MORNING HOLY SPIRIT by Benny Hinn. It is bible based and points out how important the Holy Spirit is to us and especially in the prayer process. Benny was able to take a very complex and in my mind complicated subject and simplify it to where I an grasp it. Granted I have a ways to go to understand it all but for now I feel I can incorporate the Holy Spirit into my prayer life and my daily life now which I feel is critical.

SSSVeda Day 17 Juggling and Persistance

If I’ve learned anything over the last 63 years is that if you want to do something you’ve GOT to be persistent.

I told SSSVeda-Day-17-Persistanceyou last year I was going to learn how to juggle 3 balls…nothing fancy just 3 balls. Well come to find out it is more difficult than it looked. Granted I have very little eye hand coordination so what comes easier to some has been a struggle for me.

I’ve gotten very frustrated over the last year and actually let the balls sit on the counter several weeks at a time without even picking them up. Granted there was NO way I was going to learn how to juggle that way. So I’m practicing a few minutes a day again. I’ve gotten better, actually much better for those in the family that have seen me struggle…but i’m not there yet.

What does that have to do with the Bible you might ask? It’s reminded me that learning anything, getting anything…even a relationship with God does not come over night. You have to work at it. I want the relationship with God I hear about, read about etc. Yet I have to remind myself that those people talking about their close relationship with God have been praying, studying and reading the Bible for years…decades even, while I’ve only really been doing it a few months.

So like the juggling I have to be persistent. I have to work at it. I can’t expect God to show up in my bedroom today and ask me what took me so long to call for him. It’d be nice and might happen to the occasional person but not to most.

So I am going to be patient and I’m going to continue reading the Bible daily, praying and talking to God and know that he’s listening. And hopefully I’ll hear him more and more clearly as time goes on.

And when I get the juggling thing down I’ll be back to show you…trust me I will do it…eventually.

I’m under the weather again today but I didn’t want to break my trend, Video Every Day for the month of April. I committed and I want to see it through. So I was lying in bed wondering what I could do a video on and something came to my mind after watching a video on about Apostle Mark.

This will be my 63rd Easter yet it is the first time I thought about what it meant, not only on Good Friday and Easter Sunday but today. How did the disciples feel the day after their best friend and the Man they believed to be the Son of God was so cruelly crucified? How did they feel
that they ran away? That their faith wasn’t strong enough?

God knew they would “scatter like sheep”
and that must haSSSVeda-Day-15-Time-to-reflectve been disappointing to him. Yet he understood. He knew ‘man’ was a doubt group to get out of the doubting zone. We tend to believe what we can see in the here and now. Though they had been watching Jesus perform miracles for 3 years they still doubted and he still understood. So I figure as I’m in the early stages of building my faith He understands that too. Instead of getting frustrated with me I think Jesus, The Holy Spirit, the angels and God himself are saying ‘Way to Go”.

Take a few minutes today and reflect on what happened all those years ago and how the disciples must have felt. Trust me it’s eye-opening.

SSSVeda Day 14 Good Friday means more to me this year

While all my life I considered myself to be a Christian, it isn’t until these past several months that I have come to realize that while I did Believe in God and believed that Jesus Christ was the Son of God, I never went beyond those wordSSSVeda-Day-14-Good-Fridays and really took them to heart.
Now that I have made the step and the connection, the Easter Season has taken on a whole new meaning for me. It now seems real when in the past it was more or less a story, something that happened a long time ago that wasn’t really relevant to me. I guess what I’m saying is I’ve come to realize that being a Christian isn’t a passive sport. If you are one then you need to be doing something with it.

Anyway the topic today was just to point out that this weekend represents a huge few days in the world’s history (Christian and non Christian alike). I thought I would just put it out there as a reminder that a long long time ago someone gave his Beloved Son to live, suffer and die for our sins. I guess I didn’t believe it before now. This year I believe…and it changes everything.

SSSVeda Day 13 God Always has a plan

I’m almost done with my first ‘pass’ of reading the bible. One thing that has become crystal clear is that God ALWAYS has a plan. From the beginning in the book of Exodus God told Moses Pharaoh was going to say ‘no’ when Moses asked SSSVeda-Day-13-God-Always-Has-A-Planhim to ‘free his people’. Despite river turning to blood, frogs, lice, locusts, boils, plagues and hail Pharaoh continued to say ‘no’ (Or he’d say yes and change his mind) because God “hardened his heart”.

That’s right. God WANTED him to say “no”. God even told Moses Pharaoh was going to say “no”. It was all part of his plan proving his power and proving that the Jews were the chosen people. That answered a question I had growing up, ‘how dumb was this Pharaoh guy that he wouldn’t let the people go after the first, second or at least by the third spectacle of God. Now I see that Pharaoh wasn’t ever meant to say no.

There were examples of this throughout the bible. Even when it came to the death of Jesus’ friend Lazarus. Jesus COULD have gotten there in time to heal him. He could have gotten there within a day of his friend’s death. Instead he purposely delayed his trip to visit Lazarus’ home until a full four days after the man’s death. He did it on purpose! He knew if he healed him, or even raised him from the dead within a day of his death people would have written it off as a general healing, or the guy wasn’t dead. By waiting until Lazarus was in his tomb 4 days, a time no one would argue the man was dead, then bringing him to life Jesus proved He was the Messiah.

So from the beginning through the present day to the Rapture God has a plan. Not only a plan for mankind, but a plan for each of us. I think finding my purple is a part of the plan and reading the bible is a key part of my journey. Hope it’s a part of yours as well.

SSSVeda Day 12 Be the thermostat in your life

I’m home today with the flu but wanted to stick with VEDA-a video every day for the month of April.

I was taking my temperature and remembered aSSSVeda-12-Are-you-a-thermometer comment the Pastor made last year. He pointed out that GOD has not changed in thousands of years but the culture has.

He asked for us to look at our lives…are thermometers and reacting to the culture around us, or are we thermostats where we set the temperature.

So look around at your life. Make sure you are a thermostat, setting the tone for your life, and not going through life reacting to everyone around you like a thermostat.