#SSSVEDA Day 31 Signing off and starting over

Today ends the challenge of SSSVEDA, doing a video every day for the month of August. I learned alot including that I am more likely to complete a goal or project if I commit it outloud to someone else. So I’m committing that September will be another month of growth for me. I’ll continue with the Plant Based Diet, IDAY31-signing-off‘ll continue with the exercising 3-4 days a week, I’ll commit to uploading at least 2 videos a work to my channel Find Your Purple and I’ll be well under way with my new book. (Though I haven’t the foggiest at the moment what the book will be about.)

I would like anyone reading this to make a commitment to yourself, or if need be put it on the blog or my youtube channel. Take a Baby Step or two towards making your life the life you want it to be. That way by the end of September you’ll be able to look back and see the progress. It’s never too late to Find Your Purple, your passion, your joy. Go after it now. You deserve it!



#SSSVEDA DAY 30 We’re winding down

We only have one day left in SSSVEDA (video every day in August) it’s been a wonderful learning experience and I got to meet a lot of cool people. I will continue to blog and video but not on a daily basis as I did this past month. If you want to follow me on YouTube I’d love to have you continue on this journey. Here’s my channel Find Your Purple.

On Find Your Purple I’ll be continuing with topics I touched on in SSSVEDA, but I’ll be adding book/product reviews, more musing about changes in my life after 60, even online dating You name it if I’m experiencing it I will share it with the hopes that we’ll all learn a thing or to that can help us Feel Better, Look Better and live life more fully.

I hope to encourage folks to take those baby steps towards their dream and their health goals. looking back I’m proud of the progress I made this month. I kept the commitment to myself to work outDAY30-Only-1-day left 3-5x a week, I held to my plan of becoming a vegan of sorts (Haven’t had meat, dairy, eggs or fish and very little oil or processed foods since first week of August.) AND I met my goal of doing a video every day (or I will as of tomorrow’s video).

So I’ll see you tomorrow. In the meantime….What are the steps, big or small, that you are taking towards making your dreams a reality???



SSSVeda Day 29 It’s all good

Thanks to comments and messages from others who had techno-disasters over their own, I am feeling a lot better. Hearing how people lost baby photos and wedding photos that can’t ever be replaced put my problem in perspective. So I grabbed a cup of tea (would have preferred wine but didn’t have any) and got under the covers and watcheDAY29 All's goodd me a couple of Hallmark movies back to back. So all is good. I will get better organized, delete unneeded files and figure out my backup plan (obviously backing everything up on everything was not a good plan) and all will be right with the world. So sorry I was a tad over dramatic. Granted you didn’t see the drama going on in my head but I was feeling quite overwhelmed.

thanks again!



#SSSVeda Day 27 My techno hissy fit

I had a hissy fit today when things didn’t go my way. Granted it wasn’t in public and even my daughter who lives with me wasn’t aware I was having it, but trust me, in my head I was going to town.

Basically I had my day all planned out. I was going to whip off Day 27 Video then run to the gym, then head to the grocery to pick up a few ingredients for a new vegan recipe I was going to try. Well my day fell apart when I found out my memory storage on my iPad (which is where I do my filming and editing) was full. For the life of me I couldn’t figure out where to delete. Then I tried deleting a few things only to find that screwed up some other stuff I had stored elsewhere and still wanted.

So the problem DAY27-hissy fitis not solved but in my irritation and loss of a few hours of my day, I decided I would ‘show technology’ and not work out. I know to a reasonable person there should be no connection with technology problems and not working out. But for me it seemed almost reasonable to allow myself to skip working out, going to the grocery and going grocery shopping because I was experiencing a technical snafu.

I thought I was more mature than that…but I guess not.

I managed to delete enough to get today’s video out and now I’m putting away my iPad. I’ll worry about storage space tomorrow.


#SSSVEDA DAY 26 Don’t burn your book

I went to the movies yesterday, 11am matinee. There were only five of us in the theatre and I was the youngest. So kind of like a private showing. The movie: Florence Foster Jenkins with Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant.

The story centers around Florence, a socialite in her mid 70s who has a dream of singing in Carnegie Hall. One of the problems is…she can’t sing. Florence’s husband protected her so Florence didnDAY26-Sing-your-song‘t realize how bad her voice really was and she goes ahead and books herself into Carnegie Hall. Long story short her husband can’t keep a critic from doing a ‘real’ review, one that says she’s the worst singer in the world.
Despite the criticism ultimately Florence doesn’t let him steal her dream. This contrasted sharply to my grandmother’s story. Back in the Great Depression my grandmother was a single widow with five small children. At night she worked on a novel. As I understood the story when she was done she sent it to a publisher only to have it rejected. My grandmother took that rejection to heart. She burnt her book and to my knowledge she never wrote again.

Don’t burn your book. Be like Florence Foster Jenkins and sing your song with all your heart.



#SSSVEDA DAY 25 Are you committed?

Seneca was a philosopher and sometime advisor to Nero back in the day. He was quoted as saying “Luck is where preparation meets opportunity”. Now that tells me a couple of things, 1) he was a pretty smart guy and 2)even thousands of years ago people were complaining that the successful people got where they were and what they got by being lucky. So I guess people haven’t changed all that much.

Today I’d like to remind everyone that what we see when we look at actors/actresses, musicians, newscasters, professional athletes, even the Kardashians…thesDAY25-Hope and lucke people have worked hard to get/stay where they are. Yes a few have been lucky but by and large luck only gets you in the door. If you’re still there after your few moments of fame there more than likely there has been a lot of work done to keep you there.

My question to you is if you have a dream are you committed to it enough to work months, even years so that you’re ready when opportunity comes your way????



#SSSVEDA DAY 24 Tetris and the brain

I came across an article recently that reported that a study done almost 20 years ago proved that someone playing the video game Tetris for about 15 minutes a day for 3 months could expand their brain capability. Now the studies show while that is still true, in fact learning almost anything new, like a new language or playing a musical instrument or in my case learning to juggle (sounds stupid but I’m committed) can do the same thing. The beauty of it is that you can pick somethinDAY24-Tetris-and-braing you like AND once you learn it the new neuropathways will make learning the next thing easier. ┬áSo get out there and learn something new!!!