Long lush lashes in 3 months…a review

I love long lashes especially if you don’t have to wear a ton of mascara (or any depending on where you are going). So I decided to try out a yt-tn-careprost-4-mo-reviewproduct I heard about called Careprost. It was/is used in the eye care community but patients noticed it made their eyelashes grow. How nice to have a pleasant side effect vs a bad one.

It’s a serum you put one drop on each eyelid at the base of the lashes at night and that’s it. Voila in 3-4 months you see noticeably thicker, longer lashes. I did anyway. Now you have to read the booklet as I think I saw somewhere if you have light colored eyes it’s possible that you will get dark streak/or spot on your eye, a discoloration if you will. So read the booklet if you even think of using it.

In any case I’ll be continuing to use it but only 2-3x a week and see how it goes. If only  I could find a wrinkle cream that works this good….