My juggling update June 2017

I thought it was time for a Juggling Update. (In case you want to see where i started check the link below and go to the end…I might not be able to juggle but I really have improved…)

No I haven’t managed to keep the balls upYT-Juggling-June-2017 in the air even a minute yet but I am seeing improvement which is encouraging me to keep at it. I’m committed to finishing what I started because I don’t want to have another thing to add to my list of things that I started but didn’t complete.

It’s not a big thing but I think when I can juggle several rounds consistently I’ll feel I did manage to do something even though it wasn’t easy. So my question to you…Have you learned something new lately? It doesn’t matter what it is…it can be speaking a new language, learning an instrument, learning a new video game…any time you learn something new you are creating new pathways in the brain and the more of them you have the easier it is to learn new things AND heaven forbid if you ever have a brain injury or start losing some neuro pathways you have more to work with. Anyway here is one of the earlier juggling videos so I can prove that I have improved.


SSSVeda Day 24 The Road to Emmaus

This week at church the pastor talked about theSSSVeda-Day-24-Road-to-Emmaus road to Emmaus. The funny thing was…I knew what he was talking about!!! Briefly stated the Road to Emmaus (there are many retreats taking their name from this ‘scene’ in the bible) takes place on Resurrection Day after Jesus’ body is found missing from the tomb.

Two followers of Jesus are walking home from Jerusalem. They are heading to the town of Emmaus (I think the bible said it was roughly 7 miles away). The two are saddened by the crucifixion of the man they had believed was going to triumphantly be their King and free the Jews from the Romans.

Jesus comes up and begins walking with them. (The bible says God keeps them from recognizing him). Jesus asks them what they are talking about and they tell him surprised that he could be so out of touch with the big news. when they are done Jesus chides them for their lack of faith and proceeds to give them a history lesson on how the crucifixion happened exactly how the prophets said it would in the old testament.

Jesus agrees to eat with them and He breaks the bread their eyes are ‘opened’ and they suddenly recognize him. They were sitting with the resurrected Jesus. How cool is that?!

Jesus then vanishes and the two guys (Cleopas and an unnamed dude) high tail it back to Jerusalem to tell everyone what happened. (Their story represent two more documented people who saw the risen King.)

Anyway what struck me then and has struck me in reading through the books of Matthew, Mark and Luke, is how the Old Testament is so specific about what iwas going to happen when the Savior appeared and yet most of the Jews didn’t see the connection. They didn’t believe Jesus was the Messiah written about by the prophets.

I recognize that not everyone believes what I believe but I’d say read the bible all the way through and then let’s talk.

The bible even religious beliefs aside, is a history lesson. The facts in the bible have been proven by thousands of experts, many of whom set out to disprove the events and were unable to do so. (Some like Lee Strobel actually became believers after their research. ) God knew what He was doing when He put the bible together. The deeper people look into it, the more evidence they find. Nothing is random.

Over the last six months I’ve watched a series of documentaries and read some books by non religious experts about the events in the bible and how the bible was constructed. Not because I needed the facts to believe but because I am amazed how intricately the book and facts are woven together that make it virtually impossible to disprove. Over and over again the data in the bible is ruled accurate. No question that a man named Jesus lived…performed many many many miracles, was crucified and rose from the dead.

I guess the question of whether He is the Son of God is still up for debate but geez people…after reading all the other evidence that doesn’t seem to be that big of a leap.

The bible is a very important part of mankind’s history so even if you aren’t religiously inclined, approach the reading as a history lesson. What have you got to lose? Stick with it. Read it all the way through and see what conclusion you come up with. It might surprise you!

SSSVeda Day 22 Being a good steward

They say the Bible is a living document and that each time you reread it you get sometSSSVeda-Day-22-FPUhing different out of it. As this is my first reading I can’t speak from experience but I am highlighting and making notes as to what is popping out at me this time.

I’m curious then to see next year when I’m reading it again what will pop out at me…will all the places where the Bible speaks of arrogance and the need for being a good steward pop out at me again? I sure hope not. I hope I’ll have learned my lessons on these subjects and be working on something else in my life.

For now however I have been working on being a good steward; of my gifts/talents, relationships and of my money. On the money end our church ‘happened’ to have a David Ramsey Financial Peace university starting early this year, right after the ‘good steward’ passages kept smacking me in the face so I signed up.

I ‘graduated’ from the course this week. I can’t say my financial problems have miraculously turned around in the 10 week course, but I can say the course was a great eye opener for me. All of those in the class agreed that focusing the two hours once a week (plus assignments) made us really look closely at our relationship with money. It forces you to face yourself in the mirror and once you see the facts/the truth, only then can you begin to change.

Without exception those in the class came AFTER they had gotten themselves into debt. I wish more young people would take the class BEFORE they get there. They’d save themselves a lot of hardship.

So whether someone takes David Ramsey’s course or not, I hope everyone is a good steward of their money and don’t let themselves go down the slippery slope of debt and if due to things like medical expenses or student loans, if you are feeling overwhelmed, a course like this might help you get unstuck.

SSSVeda Day 16 An Ah Hah moment-2017 AD

Happy Easter Everyone!
Wouldn’t have missed a video today since today is THE day! I had an ah hah moment at church today. Now it’s probably many of you have thought about for years but I can honestly say I never, ever, made the connection. So here it is:

Pastor Brent quoto Bono (that’s how we roll…lol) Can’t remember the exact quote but for me anyway it came down to this: You can look at all the research about Jesus and either believe the guySSSVeda-Day-16-2017-AD when he says He’s the Son of God OR you can blow him off as a crazy person up there with Charles Manson. BUT then you gotta wonder would they have turned the entire world’s calendar on it’s ear and consider the year of Jesus’ birth as year one????

When you think about it he’s right. We have BC for Before C
hrist and we have AD Anino Domini which is translated as The Year of the Lord OR the Year of Our Lord. In either case whenever we write a date on a check or on an email we are acknowledging the birth of our Lord. That must really rub those people that want us to forget about Jesus. Now I’m sure the atheist would say that has nothing to do with whether Jesus was the Son of God or not…but I have to wonder…would we really have reset the entire world’s calendar for a really good guy????

Now every time I write the date I’m going to give thanks for the sacrifice Jesus made for us 2016 years ago. How about you? Are you with me????

Again have a wonderful Easter!

I’m under the weather again today but I didn’t want to break my trend, Video Every Day for the month of April. I committed and I want to see it through. So I was lying in bed wondering what I could do a video on and something came to my mind after watching a video on about Apostle Mark.

This will be my 63rd Easter yet it is the first time I thought about what it meant, not only on Good Friday and Easter Sunday but today. How did the disciples feel the day after their best friend and the Man they believed to be the Son of God was so cruelly crucified? How did they feel
that they ran away? That their faith wasn’t strong enough?

God knew they would “scatter like sheep”
and that must haSSSVeda-Day-15-Time-to-reflectve been disappointing to him. Yet he understood. He knew ‘man’ was a doubt group to get out of the doubting zone. We tend to believe what we can see in the here and now. Though they had been watching Jesus perform miracles for 3 years they still doubted and he still understood. So I figure as I’m in the early stages of building my faith He understands that too. Instead of getting frustrated with me I think Jesus, The Holy Spirit, the angels and God himself are saying ‘Way to Go”.

Take a few minutes today and reflect on what happened all those years ago and how the disciples must have felt. Trust me it’s eye-opening.

2016 Rocked my World!

Happy New Year!

I knew when I started 2016 I wanted to make changes in my life. I just wasn’t sure what kind, or where to begin. So I began with taking baby steps. Every day I pushed myself to do something new, a new makeup, hairstyle, or a new book. I figured as long as I was moving, 2016-year-of-changeseven at what felt like a snail’s pace, I’d be further along than when I began.

I would never have guessed that a meat and cheese loving person like me would choose to go on a Plant Based Diet. The days of prime rib and stuffed bake potatoes are behind me. It’s been six months now and I’ve never looked back.

But it was what happened in the fourth quarter that really rocked my world. After years of being what I thought was a good person, one who followed the commandments. I started going to church again (after a 3 decade or so lapse) and I started reading the bible (had to start over because I was reading with my head and not my heart). I spent much of December in figuring out my feelings. Now I am happy to say that I am on board. I accepted Jesus Christ into my heart and making him central in my life. I’m not sure yet how it will all play out in my life but as I enter the new year I know it’s with a totally different mindset and foundation from a year ago. Don’t get me wrong I still want to figure out how I can combat this age thing (Aging is definitely accelerating). I still want to find the best makeup and skin care and try to find ways to keep (or maybe get) my body strong and toned. But I will do so with a balance in my life that includes God in a much more real way.

I’m excited about what 2017 will bring!

Put hands and feet to your prayers

I got a message at church yesterday (One Chapel in Kyle, TX) that I needed to hear. There were two parts that really spoke to me. Here is my take on the first part of the message…how I needed to hear it. Maybe it’s a message for you as well…

Let me start off by saying that I know this is an oversimplification. I also know that it may offend a few readers but here goes…Praying isn’t always enough. Yes I do believe in miracles but many if not most of our prayers require that we step up and do our part. (have you heard the old joke about the man on the rooftop in a storm praying to be saved? Several people come by to rescue him but he says no and keeps waiting for God to rescue him. Then he gets to Heaven and asks God why he didn’t rescue him. God tells him I did. I sent those people to save you and you refused. The man didn’t his part.)

Another frequent example; Praying to lose weight or strengthen the body and not getting off the couch or putting down the donut,  is like praying to win the lottery when you aren’t willing to buy a ticket. You have to face the facts. Purchasing a lottery ticket is a requirement for winning the lottery (yes someone MAY buy it for you but really what is the likelihood of that?).

So praying for something (and again I do believe in the power of prayer)  is typically only the first step to getting what you want in life. It’s not the whole enchilada. The message I got Sunday was that we must be willing to put hands and feet yt-tn-ya-gotta-sweatto the prayer. That might be eating less food, going to the gym, walking around the block …something that moves you in the direction of what it is you want…then things will start to happen.

It’s simple…it’s not easy…but it’s simple.

If you are like me the next question is what action should I take? Followed almost immediately by how long is it going to take? Unfortunately the answers aren’t always clear. Sometimes there are messages out there for us if we are willing to listen. For me this week I got the message loud and clear that I need to be proactive with my health. Yes I’ve been going to the gym so that is a start but I’m not getting the results I want and I have to face the fact that I’m not seeing the results because I’m not pushing myself.