Day 25-Arrogance revisited

If i was asked what ‘theme’ stuck out at me during my first pass of the Bible earlier this year I could say without skipping a beat…God hates arrogance.

The arrogance I’m talking about isYT-TN-VEDA-Day25-Arrogance-revisited the type that when we are successful, or good things happen, we make the mistake of thinking we did it on our own instead of giving God credit.

Over and over again I saw stories of how, when times were good people, including key players, forget that God was the one who got them there. Instead they’d at best forget about him…and at worst they’d start worshiping their idols.

During my second time through I have to say I still see the verses about arrogance, maybe they don’t jump out at me quite as much as they did last time, but I still felt them pulling at me. I make sure to pray that I never allow myself to forget to be grateful to God for everything in my life like I did in the past.



Day 13 – Sunday…my day of rest

During my first pass of the Bible and then again in my second pass once again I see the importance God puts on everyone having a day of rest…a Sabboth.

Now I remember growing up nothing was open on Sundays. When car dealerships were thinking about opening it was a huge deal. YT-TN-VEDA-Day13-Sunday-My-Day-of-RestNow when you see places like Chic filet and Hobby Lobby still close on Sunday some people question it, they look at it as being inconvenient.



So I decided to, as best I could, consider Sunday as the Sabbath. Being in real estate admittedly will admit to checking my emails every few hours to make sure there is nothing time sensitive. But other than that I focus Sunday on God.

I don’t watch television or read anything that isn’t God-centric. It’s setting the stage for my week. I’m finding, even though i’ve only been doing it a couple of months, that it centers me and gives me a sense of peace and well being I didn’t have before.

Now I know everyone can’t set aside the entire day to focus on God, but you might consider setting aside an hour or so. You might be surprised how it makes you feel.

Day 6 – A worship walk

This is Day 6 of SSSVEDA which is doing a video every day for the month of August. My topic today is how I am combining my exercise with worship.

I’ve known for a long time that i needed to exercise but I HATE exercise and I’ve never managed to find YT-TN-VEDA-Day6-Worship-Walksomething I could stick with. So when I went to the doctors recently it was no surprise that she told me I have to get out there and exercise. She said do something you enjoy. Problem is I don’t enjoy any physical exercise (so you can imagine my kids’ surprise when a couple of years ago I told them I was going to walk the 500 mile Camino de Santiago in Spain…they thought I was out of my mind) The doctor ignored me and said I needed to get out at walk an hour a day. Tell me who has an extra hour a day laying around?????

Anyway I knew she was right. At 63 it was vital I get my muscle tone back and blood pumping. So I decided I’d check out the neighborhood hiking trail. It had been over a decade since I walked around the pond and back then it wasn’t impressive. No trees to speak up and it wasn’t pretty.

Imagine my surprise when almost two weeks ago I took the walk and found it was lovely out there. This might work. Maybe I could do it a few times a week…

So I got up the next morning before sunrise (and before the 108 degree Texas weather hits) and took a walk. I had a playlist with vertical worship music (the music that talks TO God not ABOUT God) and hit the path.

To my great surprise It was lovely…peaceful, quiet and very spiritual. I use the time to pray, worship and simply…be…. I’m hoping adding the worship factor will motivate me to keep at it but only time will tell.

Now you don’t need a pond…just find your own quiet space and time and commit to your own Worship Walk….or maybe find a place in nature where you can sit and watch the sunrise…i’m telling you seeing some of the beautiful skies and being in the quiet moments in nature makes you feel closer to God even before you say a word…

DAY 4 Turning your life upside down

Change often means you have to be willing to turn your life upside down. I know it did for me anyway. In less than 12 months I’ve become a Vegan (I eat a plant based diet but most people think YT-TN-VEDA-Day4-Turned-my life-upside-downof it as being vegan) But if that wasn’t enough I made a bigger change…a change that goes to my very soul…literally. I became a Born Again Christian (A group I used to toss into one bucket and think they were self righteous prigs…or some such less than flattering description) I almost wrote that I made the decision to become a born again Christian but that isn’t correct. It’s not something you decide. When it hits you…it’s there. It’s not do I want to be this, it’s wow I’m a born again christian.

Anyway when i started the year 2016 I wanted to make changes in my life. Little did I know I was going to change some major core beliefs. But I’m glad I did and I can’t wait what the future holds.

How about you? Are you ready to turn your life upside down?

Yep I go to church

If you asked me a year and a half ago if I went to church I’d have said no…I also could have said that I’d never read even a book of the Bible and I was okay with both. Fast forward a year to summer 2016. Asked YT-Im-a-church-goerthe same thing I’d say I am going to church but I still had never picked up a Bible to read it. Fast forward to today and I consider going to church (I go to One Chapel in Kyle Texas) and the church community groups regularly AND I’m on my second pass of reading the Bible…wow what a change.

See I was ‘anti religion’, more on the New Age page of where as long as i believed in God and was a good person my salvation was assured. Now at 63 years old I have done a 180 on that. I am no longer turned off when someone tells me they are a ‘born again Christian’ or that they read the Bible, both of which were negative to me not long ago. I have been reading the Bible every day since January and reading other books and talking to other people to help me understand it better. Things have changed.

Except for talking about it on Youtube I don’t talk about my new faith yet to anyone really outside the family or people at church. I know how turned off I would have been if someone tried to talk to me about their ‘new faith’ only a few months ago, but I’m working up to that. For now I’m getting my foundation solid then we’ll see how I feel. The Bible is clear about spreading the word…but I guess I’m hanging my hat on the fact that you have to know it before you spread it…

Today’s sermon at church the subject of the Holy Spirit was discussed. Now this is probably my biggest Ah Hah in reading the Bible. I knew who the Holy Spirit was, or I thought I kind a did, I even had memorized prayers that mentioned him in them. But I never got the impression He was a key player in faith and prayer. After my first reading of the Bible I have searched out my reading and info about the Holy Spirit as it’s clear that He is critical in someone who is trying to deepen their faith.

I’ll come back and add Bible verses mentioned in today’s sermon later but for now I wanted to get the video ‘out there’.

thanks and I hope you are on your own faith journeys…it’s quite a ride.

My juggling update June 2017

I thought it was time for a Juggling Update. (In case you want to see where i started check the link below and go to the end…I might not be able to juggle but I really have improved…)

No I haven’t managed to keep the balls upYT-Juggling-June-2017 in the air even a minute yet but I am seeing improvement which is encouraging me to keep at it. I’m committed to finishing what I started because I don’t want to have another thing to add to my list of things that I started but didn’t complete.

It’s not a big thing but I think when I can juggle several rounds consistently I’ll feel I did manage to do something even though it wasn’t easy. So my question to you…Have you learned something new lately? It doesn’t matter what it is…it can be speaking a new language, learning an instrument, learning a new video game…any time you learn something new you are creating new pathways in the brain and the more of them you have the easier it is to learn new things AND heaven forbid if you ever have a brain injury or start losing some neuro pathways you have more to work with. Anyway here is one of the earlier juggling videos so I can prove that I have improved.

Old Testament Pass 2…hmmmmm

Okay i’m 2 to 3 weeks in on my second reading of the Bible. I’m not sure what I was expecting but apparently the Old Testament YT-Old-Testament-Pass2did not change since my last reading. I guess I was getting so many ah hahs and food for thought in the New Testament I thought I was understanding things at a different level. Apparently the reality is that the New Testament had more than a new believer like me can sink my teeth into (and understand to a larger degree).

So as I’m reading all the things needed to build a tabernacle, or all the different sacrifices that can be made and how to go about each, I wasn’t feeling I was able to take the info to my daily life as I hoped. Though in reflection I still had some takeaways.,

My point today, for me and others like me are new to reading the Bible is that it’s okay (and to be expected) that those of us new to the Bible will have some days where we scratch our heads and say…huh…. Doesn’t mean we’re wasting our time or just plain stupid, it means we’ve got more to learn and just keep on reading. So I’ve come to the belief that if I come at the Bible every day with an open heart and prayer than I am going to get something out of it consciously or not…

Also today I’d like to encourage EVERYONE to share their gifts. Each of us is unique and there is a reason we are here…so talk to people. Share a bit of yourself every day with someone…