Make Reading the Bible count

Does anyone else, (or have you ever) bought magazines YT-TN-My-Cookbooks-And-My-Bibleand books on subjects like, cooking, gardening, redecorating, fitness, diet yadayadayada and you look through them for awhile, even mark pages with the real intent of making a change in your life, or starting a project and then you don’t do anything about it? Well that’s me in spades.

Knowing that about myself I have to be on my guard not to let that happen to me when it comes to reading the Bible.

The Bible’s not meant to be a dust catcher, or a nice way to pass the time. It’s meant to change your life. I have found a surprising number of Bibles at Half Price Books, many with really sweet and sincere inscriptions. A lot of them I’ve noticed from grandparents to their grandchild. I’ve gotten into the habit of opening them and reading the front page…it’s kind of interesting and a bit sad. Don’t think the grandparent expected it to turn up on a discount book shelf or in a garage sale…but on the other hand it is getting spread around.

So I’m going on record that as I continue my journey with the Bible i’m going to make efforts to have it work itself into my my thinking, my dealing with people, with money and ultimately show up as a part of my life.


Is that small voice in your head talking to you?

I think most of us have had the experience when you are doing something (or not doing something) and you get that nagging feeling, or that little voice in your head telling you that you’re not on track. You either should be doing YT-TN-Small-voice-in your headsomething or you should not be doing something.

You know what I’m talking about don’t you?

My advice to myself and to you today is that if you hear the voice, chances are it’s your conscience and it’s trying to help you. Consider listening to it. Get up from in front of the tv and go to the gym. Or quit gossiping about your neighbor. Quit being rude to the waitress. Put down the donut, or read the Bible or call a loved one like you said you would.Whatever it is now’s the time to do it. Don’t put it off. The voice is there for a reason.


Similarities in changing my diet…and my faith

This past weekend I volunteered to help out at a Rotary Club fund raiser. It was the annual ‘Sip and Savor’. Wine and beer covered the ‘sip’ portion of the title. While several local BBQ places covered the savor. YT-TN-180-Degree-shift-diet-faith

Now I’ve been on a Whole Food Plant Based diet for about 16 months now so I can still remember how I loved a good BBQ rib.  So smelling the food all night and seeing some ribs walk by me did bring up some memories.

A few people offered to get me some ribs while I “bartended” (just poured wine and handed our beer and water…I wouldn’t know how to make a mixed drink.) I would just say ‘no thanks’. One person persisted and I told them I was vegan. It’s not exactly the same as the WFPB diet but they are similar in that neither eats animal or animal products. Well that started a whole conversation about why I chose to be vegan etc.

On the way home I thought about the conversation and compared it to a surprisingly similar conversation I had less than a week ago when someone asked why, after all these decades, did I decide to become a believer.

That is the point of today’s video. While the two decisions are obviously vastly different, the process between the two and the adjustments I need to make in my life to see the benefits, had a lot more similarities than one might thing.

From the fact that the decisions to do both happened to me almost literally ‘over night’ within months of each other, all the way to the fact that once I committed to them I kind of want everyone, especially those I care about, to jump on the journey with me. Check out the video and see what I mean.

VEDA 2017 – It’s a wrap!

On August 31st I talked about the book of Isaiah saying that I didn’t do a whole lot of highlighting…meaning it wasn’t speaking to me. YT-TN-VEDA-32-It's a wrapThen the very next day…September 1st I was in a prayer group and they read Isaiah 43 verses 1-3 in the Message Bible in which the theme is “When you’re between a rock and a hard place”

Hearing it read out loud the verses spoke to me. SOOO I wanted to go on record and say the problem with the Book of Isaiah wasn’t the book…it was me. I was not reading it slowly enough or with quiet understanding and I missed the message. Lord knows I am often between a rock and a hard place and it’s nice to have a verse that reminds me when I find myself in that precarious position I just need to keep my eyes on God and know he is there and he will show me the way.

So now it’s a wrap…VEDA 2017 is officially over.

Day 31-Walk the Walk

Well this is it…the final day in 2017 SSSVEDA, Video every day in the month of August. it was touch and go a few days but I managed to get a video loaded each day this month. As always the push is something you sometimes need.

My subject today came up whenYT-TN-VEDA-Day30-Drive-with-your-lights-on I was reading the book of Isaiah. It wasn’t until chapter 53 that I felt I was getting ‘message’ or something I understood enough that I could work with. But that is how the Old Testament has been for me. While I am reading it faithfully, some days I walk away not sure what I was supposed to get out of it.

Admittedly now that I made it through Old and New Testament once (finishing in July) This time Old Testament has been more meaningful and less ‘jolting’ than it was the first time. When I was reading the New Testament I saw so many references to the prophecies of the prophets in the old Testament so this time I was able to read them remembering how they were foreshadowing or prophesieing about the coming of the Messiah.

Then in chapter 58 I came across two strong messages for me, one relating to Fasting and the other keeping the Sabboth.

In both cases God says through Isaiah, if you’re not going to do it right, don’t bother doing it. He was letting people know the simple act of fasting or of keeping the Sabboth meant nothing if the person walked away and continued living in an un-Christian like manner.

There are a lot of people who give the name Christian a bad name. I have come across more than a few that acted anything but Christ like. All I can say is that is NOT what God planned.

It’s not my place to judge…I simply have to know that I am doing my best to walk the walk. Come judgement day things will work themselves out.

Until next time…bye-bye

Day 29 – Be a Good Samaritan

VEDA (Video every day for the month of August) is winding down, only a couple of days left so thanks for hanging in there with me.

Hard not to be thinking about Hurricane YT-TN-VEDA-Day29-Be-A-Good-SamaritanHarvey. I have to admit I’ve never gone through anything close to what they are going through so I can’t imagine how it feels. I know for a few days I was worried about flooding and knowing I didn’t have flood insurance I have to admit it was nerve wracking. But I never even got to the point of seeing the water rising up. Simply the anticipation of 4-5 more days of rain got me spooked.

I’m thankful to say that we (austin and surrounding areas) largely lucked out and the band of rains dissipated before getting this far west. But it made me think about the people who weren’t so lucky. What’s going to happen to them?

The story of the Good Samaritan came to mind. Now I’ve heard the term ‘Good Samaritan’ before and knew it meant someone that does a good deed for a stranger, but till my first pass in the Bible back in the Spring I never really knew much about the story. I knew the basics but I didn’t know who the Samarians were and why having a Samarian being the one to act the part of the good neighbor made the story have more meaning. You see the Samarians were despised by the Jews. They were seen as lower than dirt. Yet when a stranger was in need the so called ‘good people’, the priest and the Levite, both ignored the injured man. It took a stranger with a good heart to rescue the man.

It this time of great suffering in Texas and around the world, we all need to remember the story and remember Jesus’ direction, that we all ‘Love our neighbors as ourselves’. Easier to say than it is to do so we need to be reminded once in awhile and thank our lucky stars that right now we aren’t the ones needing the help.

Day 30- Drive with your lights on

For me…my experience…living a life without faith or God being the center of it is a lot like driving at night without your lights on.YT-TN-VEDA-Day30-Drive-with-your-lights-on


It’s harder…things don’t look familiar, it’s more dangerous…you get the picture. Now that I have a road



map so to speak life and decisions got a whole lot easier. So always remember to flip on the lights!