A Reference from God

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I am with a group reading the book by Freeda Bowers called “Give me 40 Days for Healing” I think she has another one called “Give God 40”. But both books are built on the premise that if God isn’t a part of our daily life already, then if we are wanting to see a healing, whether it be of health, relationship, emotions, or financial, we should slow down our lives and re-prioritize. We should Give God 40…so for 40 days we put him at the top of our list and see what happens.

So the message today (Day 15) involved the power of the tongue. How in the aspect of healing , you need to be careful how you use it. Don’t continually complain or talk about how bad you are feeling, but about how good you are feeling. How great it is to be healthy etc.So the exercise was to list some things you are saying every day that goes against what you want to have happen. Then the second part was to reword it to what you want to have happen.

As I started to write this in my journal I wasn’t feeling the power I would hope to feel. So I decided to write it as if it was from God, as if God was writing a reference letter for me letting someone know what a great person I was.

Hence I wrote myself a reference letter from God. The exercise was quick but it really gave me a sense of power. I could see how great a person God really thinks I am and all the things he sees for me. It might sound silly but why don’t you give it a try!


Protect Yourself- both inside and out

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Dressing up to protect yourself from cold weather is a lot like putting on your biblical armor to protect from the evil spiritual realm.

If I heard anyone talking like this a few short years ago I would have thought they were crazy. I didn’t believe there was an evil spiritual realm, let alone one that was trying to battle for our souls. But over the last couple of years of reading the Bible, taking classes, listening to first hand accounts etc I’ve come to believe that there is a battle going on out there that we don’t see.

So my message today is that it’s no longer safe to ignore it or pretend it doesn’t exist. Like going out in cold weather, you need to protect yourself.

Diet vs Prayer for Healing


I went to dinner recently with a friend and I was looking through the menu trying to figure out what I could eat. Now I’m on a plant based diet for starters so that is hard enough sometimes, but this particular time I was in the middle of a corporate prayer-fast. This is my third year participating. For the first 21 days (or longer if you’d like) of the year you go on a fast and use that extra time for prayer, reading the Bible, talking to God etc. It’s a worldwide thing but I never heard of it until I started going to church back in 2016.

In any case the church doesn’t dictate any terms of the fast, you can go on a water fast, a juice fast, a one meal a day fast, or you can give up things such as social media, or watching sports. Anything that takes your time. For the second year I decided to do one of the common fasts, i’m following the Daniel Diet. It’s a diet from the Bible where you are basically on a vegan diet (my usual diet) but then also you refrain from eating grains, caffeine, sweets and alcohol. I’m committed to 21 days (today is day 18) but I’ve left the door open for 40 days. I also gave up television, which I’m finding for the second year is harder than the diet part of the plan.

Our pastor (and any pastors you check out on you-tube about their church’s prayer-fast) are all quick to point out it’s not simply abstaining from food, that would be a ‘diet’, this is to free up time for God.

I like starting the year with this kind of focus. It’s like rebooting the computer, or balancing the checkbook, it gets you back on track, looking at your life with new eyes.

So back to the story, I was looking for something on the menu without meat/cheese/eggs or grains. I finally went with a roasted brussel sprouts salad and it was really good.

During lunch my friend seemed confused. She asked if I believed that God really can heal you, why did what I eat matter? That is she thought that me believing that your diet can heal you was inconsistent with my belief that God can heal you. She thought it was a ‘which is it’? kind of question. But for me it’s not an either or. I do believe that what you eat makes a difference in your health (I’m absolutely convinced of it or I wouldn’t give up my Kentucky Fried Chicken, White Castle hamburgers, and medium rare prime rib meals.) I think it only makes sense that your body needs good nutrition in order to build healthy cells. I’m not saying you have to be on a plant based diet to be healthy, but I am saying, more and more doctors will recommend changing your diet when you are in a healing mode to help your body recover.

The way I look at it, God created our bodies to heal themselves, which they do, assuming they have the right materials to work with. And what we eat gives the body the right materials.

So for me I still believe God can heal people instantly (there are hundreds of examples of miraculous healings and they are becoming more and more frequent).but I also believe there are healings that are the result of people changing their habits. So that being the case I’m making sure to eat right AND read the Bible regularly.

Miracle in the Mountain- A story of faith

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I recently was lent a copy of the Book “Miracle in the Mountains: Experiencing Transforming “, Power of Faith in the Heart of Appalachia. It’s the true story of the ministry of Lonnie and Belinda Riley from Lynch Kentucky. The book is a very short and easy read but one that had quite a wallop. It’s about a couple who made a drastic change in their lives and began living on faith. Through trusting God for EVERYTHING, they experienced miracle after miracle, making believers out of even some of the worst skeptics.

It reminded me of a biography I read last year about George Mueller.Mueller lived in the late 1890s and was another example of someone who lived by faith. As in the case of the Ryans in Lynch Kentucky, George Mueller would pray to God about his needs and then patiently wait for an answer. He would not ask for money. He would not tell of their needs. He would wait for God to provide, and He did, time and time again. Mueller built several orphanages in England totally by faith, and kept them running, totally by faith. He would keep an accurate and very detailed account of his expenditures and the money and donations he received. He wanted to be an example of someone who trusted God and knew God would provide.

So in the case of George Mueller, the miracles were happening over a hundred years ago. But in the case of the Riley’s the miracle is happening right now. I for one find it totally inspiring and encouraging . It deepens my faith and expands the world of what’s possible. You might want to pick up a copy and read it yourself.

So if you ever need a little ‘pick me up’ for your faith and the ever present God, you might want to check the book out.

2019 Time for a fresh new start

2019 A whole new start 

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!  Though I’ve been off meat and dairy for over 2 years, I still make the kids their traditional New Year’s meal of : Corn beef and cabbage  AND black eyed peas and sausage. The corn beef I’ve been making since the late 70s when I lived in the Midwest. It was considered good luck. Then in the mid 80s we moved to Florida and were advised that you are supposed to eat black eyed peas and sausage on New Year’s.

So rather than take our chances we started doing both. So here I am 4 decades later still making it for the kids. It’s like Thanksgiving, I still make the turkey even though I don’t eat it any more. I just enjoy the traditions.

Anyway I love more about New Years Day than the food. I love the idea that on January 1st you can have a whole new beginning.

In recent years I’ve begun taking this new start more seriously, perhaps because I know I have lived more years than I am going to live and time is more precious to me. In any case 2019 is  This is my third year ringing in the New Year with 21 days of Prayer.

If your life isn’t exactly the way you want it to be, and you’ve never started your new year this way, give it a shot. It starts your year off with a focus unlike anything I’ve tried before. You can give up things, such as you would in lent, some people go on the Daniel Diet (basically a vegan diet), or some give up their favorite food or beverage. Other things to consider are giving up ‘time-wasters’, maybe for you it’s spending hours on Facebook or other social media, or watching too much sports. For me it’s giving up television and movies. Whatever you choose it’s between you and God, you don’t have to share it with anyone. The idea is to use the time you would have been watching TV, or eating a certain food, or reading Facebook, and spend that time in prayer, or reading/listening to the Bible, or mediating on the word, or worship or talking/listening to God. Whatever you want to do…there’s no one judging.

Then take it up a notch if you are wanting to change your health and add some items, like walking 15 minutes a day, or getting on the re-bounder, or doing arm weights, again whatever it is you are wanting to improve and this time commit to it. Make the decision that for the next 21 days (don’t worry about the whole year) you’ll commit to doing xyz 3-5 times a week…whatever. And then do it. What I’ve found over the last few years, whatever I commit to when I’m working with the 21 days of prayer, I take seriously.

So i’m starting the year off with a plan…hope you are too. I can guarantee if you don’t start off with a plan, you’ll end up right where you are…

Happy New year!!! And the three bible apps I mentioned are:
The Bible Project
Through the Word TTW
Bible in one year (Gumbel) BIOY

Pick one or two that work for you, they have various length plans, and give it a go.

Until next time….bye bye

The year 2018 in Review

As we close out another year it’s nice to pause a few moments and ‘sit with it’ for a minute. 2018 overall was a good year for me. Nothing earth shattering, no Kardashian flash or Beyonce bling, but a nice year with family, friends, church and God. So here’s a video review.

On the health front: I’m heading toward 2 and a half years as a vegan, 1 year on my inversion table, 6 months juicing regularly, 4 months drinking (consistently) distilled water, and a couple of months getting pretty regular with my rebounder and vibration machine, and one month or so lifting very light weights for some arm strength….it almost sounds like the 12 days of Christmas song.

On the spiritual front I’ve lapsed a little but back on track with reading the bible every day. I’ve been consistently in small groups at church, taking a class or two and in a book club for believers. So I’m working on building my relationship with God.

2019 I’m taking steps to go deeper on all fronts and when I do I can guarantee that 2019 will be the best year ever!

SSSVEDA Day 31 – Time for a new beginning…take a step…it’s up to you!

It’s done! SSSVEDA- Video every day for the month of August is officially over. BUT that doesn’t mean I’m stopping on my journey to better health and more joyful life. So hope you’re not stopping either.SSSVEDA-Day-31-Take-a-step-today.jpg

Take a step today in the direction you want to go. Join me in setting a plan for the next 90 days to cement good and healthy habits into your life so when January 1, 2019 hits we’ll be flying.

Thanks for sharing!