Celeste Messer is a Realtor by day and Writer by night (actually Celeste writes between 4am-8am but saying ‘by night’ sounds better).

Before becoming a realtor Celeste was a corporate exec in a Fortune 500 company, but before that she did a ton of odd jobs through high school and college including everything from washing floors, changing bedpans, working on assembly lines, waiting on tables and a whole lot of babysitting. She even spent one summer working in a paper factory where she was the person who put the three holes and curved corners in stacks of lined paper. (Didn’t think of a person actually standing there doing that all day did ya?)

As a mother of four grown daughters and one teenage granddaughter and the fifth of seven kids, Celeste has had a whole lot of experience watching how wonderfully different siblings raised in the same household can be.

Please visit Celeste’s site at CelesteMesser.com for more information on her books. Join her newsletter to receive notes on latest releases, upcoming coming books, events, and giveaways/contests.


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