Make Reading the Bible count

Does anyone else, (or have you ever) bought magazines YT-TN-My-Cookbooks-And-My-Bibleand books on subjects like, cooking, gardening, redecorating, fitness, diet yadayadayada and you look through them for awhile, even mark pages with the real intent of making a change in your life, or starting a project and then you don’t do anything about it? Well that’s me in spades.

Knowing that about myself I have to be on my guard not to let that happen to me when it comes to reading the Bible.

The Bible’s not meant to be a dust catcher, or a nice way to pass the time. It’s meant to change your life. I have found a surprising number of Bibles at Half Price Books, many with really sweet and sincere inscriptions. A lot of them I’ve noticed from grandparents to their grandchild. I’ve gotten into the habit of opening them and reading the front page…it’s kind of interesting and a bit sad. Don’t think the grandparent expected it to turn up on a discount book shelf or in a garage sale…but on the other hand it is getting spread around.

So I’m going on record that as I continue my journey with the Bible i’m going to make efforts to have it work itself into my my thinking, my dealing with people, with money and ultimately show up as a part of my life.


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