Similarities in changing my diet…and my faith

This past weekend I volunteered to help out at a Rotary Club fund raiser. It was the annual ‘Sip and Savor’. Wine and beer covered the ‘sip’ portion of the title. While several local BBQ places covered the savor. YT-TN-180-Degree-shift-diet-faith

Now I’ve been on a Whole Food Plant Based diet for about 16 months now so I can still remember how I loved a good BBQ rib.  So smelling the food all night and seeing some ribs walk by me did bring up some memories.

A few people offered to get me some ribs while I “bartended” (just poured wine and handed our beer and water…I wouldn’t know how to make a mixed drink.) I would just say ‘no thanks’. One person persisted and I told them I was vegan. It’s not exactly the same as the WFPB diet but they are similar in that neither eats animal or animal products. Well that started a whole conversation about why I chose to be vegan etc.

On the way home I thought about the conversation and compared it to a surprisingly similar conversation I had less than a week ago when someone asked why, after all these decades, did I decide to become a believer.

That is the point of today’s video. While the two decisions are obviously vastly different, the process between the two and the adjustments I need to make in my life to see the benefits, had a lot more similarities than one might thing.

From the fact that the decisions to do both happened to me almost literally ‘over night’ within months of each other, all the way to the fact that once I committed to them I kind of want everyone, especially those I care about, to jump on the journey with me. Check out the video and see what I mean.


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