VEDA 2017 – It’s a wrap!

On August 31st I talked about the book of Isaiah saying that I didn’t do a whole lot of highlighting…meaning it wasn’t speaking to me. YT-TN-VEDA-32-It's a wrapThen the very next day…September 1st I was in a prayer group and they read Isaiah 43 verses 1-3 in the Message Bible in which the theme is “When you’re between a rock and a hard place”

Hearing it read out loud the verses spoke to me. SOOO I wanted to go on record and say the problem with the Book of Isaiah wasn’t the book…it was me. I was not reading it slowly enough or with quiet understanding and I missed the message. Lord knows I am often between a rock and a hard place and it’s nice to have a verse that reminds me when I find myself in that precarious position I just need to keep my eyes on God and know he is there and he will show me the way.

So now it’s a wrap…VEDA 2017 is officially over.


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