Day 28 -Quit worrying- Matthew 6:26-27

I will admit it…I tend to be a worrier.

In my first pass of reading the Bible I saw several verses in which God makes it very clear that not only is worrying a YT-TN-VEDA-Day28-Quit-worryingwaste of time (which it is) but it means you don’t have faith. Ouch!

When I saw a little bird sitting on a branch that was getting blown back and forth thanks to Tropical Storm Harvey a bible verse came to mind. I didn’t know what number and verse of course…but I did remember it was in Matthew (a lot of my favorite verses are in Matthew so that wasn’t a stretch)

But I found it…Matthew 6:26-27. Paraphrased Jesus is saying, that little birds don’t worry about their clothing, or meals, God takes care of them. And of course He loves us more than birds so why do we not think He will do that and more for us???? He goes on to say that we get nothing for worrying. It won’t add an hour to our life so why are we doing it?

So next time you find yourself worrying about something, be it your finances, your relationships, your health or…the weather, STOP. Know that not only is it bad for your health (a ton of studies show it causes health issues) but God doesn’t appreciate it either. So Pray your way out of it!!!

Granted it’s easier said than done but I think remembering the Bible verse might help.


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