Day 26- Why did God pick Joseph?

Though I never grew up reading the Bible exactly, by virtue of growing up in a Catholic home and going to Catholic schoolYT-TN-VEDA-Day 26-Why-Joseph I was obviously familiar with the key stories. Yet now that I’m reading the stories in the Bible itself, not some sanitized version of them, I’m finding the stories a bit different than what i remembered.

Joseph and the multi color coat is one such story. Not that the story itself is that different than i remember it, but some of the ramifications of the story.

I didn’t think of this the first time through the Bible earlier this year. When i read the story of Joseph being sold as a slave by his brothers I just registered that I recognized the story and didn’t go much deeper than that. This time however what jumped out at me is that one of Jacob’s 12 sons was destined to be the ancestor of Jesus. The second thing that struck me was that it wasn’t Joseph!

Out of all the 12 brothers it would seem to me that Joseph would have been the best choice. Yet God never does the expected. Instead of Joseph he selected Judah to be the ancestor. Judah, the fourth son of Jacob and one who participated in selling Joseph to the slave traders. (Granted he redeemed himself, one by talking his brothers into not killing Joseph, then two asking Joseph (who he didn’t recognize) to keep him and not his brother Benjamin because he knew it would break his father’s heart.

So anyway I went back to the geneology of Jesus and reread a few of the names. God didn’t always pick the people you’d expect him to pick. There’s some men and women on the list that you might not have wanted to bring home to meet your mother. YET God used them for the good. He always has a plan…the question is how do we fit into his plan?


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