Veda is Over…I’ve been transformed!

I did it! I’ve been baptized. VEDA (video SSSVeda-31-Im-a-pickleevery day for the month of April) officially ended last week on April 30th. I decided since I was baptized that day I would do a final…summary…video after the baptism.

Everyone getting baptized got there early and one of the pastors talked to us (there were about 50 people). One of the things she shared was the story of the cucumber and the pickle. Basically she explained that the process of stepping into the water to be baptized didn’t automatically change you, just as putting a cucumber into water doesn’t change it. When we make the decision to be baptized we are making a declaration of our faith. That whether we are changed or not from the baptism is really dependent on the work we are doing on ourselves. Are we surrendering to God? Are we doing the work, reading the bible, building a relationship with God etc etc. It’s only then that we, like the cucumber, can be transformed.

It was a lovely evening but as always I would have loved some huge flash of lightning from the sky or some other sign that my life was changing when I was dipped into the water…of course I didn’t get it. I am glad I did it and like the pickle I too have been transformed with my new faith and will never turn back into the cucumber.

I need to continue the work but I look forward to see how my life changes from here on out. Keep stopping by and I’ll let you know how it’s going.


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