SSSVeda Day 28 My DNA…

I do hope no one is offended by this…not sure why theySSSVeda-Day-28-DNA‘d be but you never know. In any case back in the early Fall or so last year I sent my ‘spit’ into and had my DNA done. The results were pretty much what we expected; i’m largely Irish, English and Western European…but there was a small part…European Jewish.

I thought it was interesting that we had some Jewish in our ancestry but didn’t think much more about it. Then I start reading the bible. Now it is very clear in the bible…like crystal clear…that the Jews are God’s chosen people. So I had the thought that it must be cool for the Christian Jews…or maybe… Messianic Jew (one who combines the belief Jesus is the Messiah with elements of Judaism) to understand how they really got it from the ‘get-go’. They were given and taught the Old Testament and they figured out the message and recognized that Jesus was the Messiah.

So all that being said I thought it was kind of cool that somewhere back in my lineage I might have some Jewish family ties. Again I am what i am and not pretending to be anything i’m not…but I thought it was kind of cool….so no offense to anyone.


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