SSSVEDA Day 31 – Time for a new beginning…take a step…it’s up to you!

It’s done! SSSVEDA- Video every day for the month of August is officially over. BUT that doesn’t mean I’m stopping on my journey to better health and more joyful life. So hope you’re not stopping either.SSSVEDA-Day-31-Take-a-step-today.jpg

Take a step today in the direction you want to go. Join me in setting a plan for the next 90 days to cement good and healthy habits into your life so when January 1, 2019 hits we’ll be flying.

Thanks for sharing!


SSSVEDA Day 30 – Getting a headstart on 2019

With VEDA ending and September only a couple of days away, I think it’s a perfect time to set some more goals so that by year end I’ll SSSVEDA-Day-30-Get-ready-for-2019have some great new habits and hopefully see some results.

Things I’ll be doing to improve my physical well being for the next 90 days include:
Staying on a plant based diet
Juicing regularly
Rebounding a few times a week
Using the vibration machine a few times a week
Drinking distilled water
Fasting maybe once a week for a day or some kind of intermittent fasting
Coffee enema, maybe once week to help with detoxing
My teeter inversion table daily
My bathtub steam bath a few times a week

So let’s see what 90 days of good regularity will bring. What are you going to do for the next 90 days to make sure your 2019 gets a great kick start?

SSSVEDA Day 29 – Keep Your Promises

I almost forgot to do my daily video today, which would have been a shame as I’m at day 29 out of 31. No one is holding my feet SSSVEDA-Day-29-Keep-Your-Promisesto the fire but I committed (to myself ) that I would do a video every day for the month of august and that’s what I intend to do.

Often we are more apt to keep promises to others than promises we’ve made to ourselves…think about New Year’s Resolutions. It’s either because were weren’t serious when we made the promise OR we don’t put ourselves high on the priority list.

So message today is to remember to treat yourself as you would a friend. If you make a promise to yourself (and don’t make them likely) then keep it. You owe it to yourself to do what it is you promised yourself you’d do.

SSSVEDA Day 27 – VREMI Rocked my World

Come to find out that having the right tools can make a job a WHOLE light easier.

I had been struggling a bit in my efforts to juice SSSVEDA-Day-27-The-Right-Toolsregularly, in part because cutting some things, like a watermelon, or a celery root, or even a beet, was tough. I chalked it up to having weak arms. BUT…when one of my daughters sent us a gift…a set of knives as it turned out…things got a whole lot easier.

The set is from a company named VREMI and the set came in rainbow colors. They are not only functional but fun as well. I was curious as to how my ‘broke’ daughter who lives in NYC could afford to send her sister an expensive set of knives. Come to find out that the set was on sale on VREMI website for under $25! My last knife cost over $100!

So anyway I now can say that juicing just got a whole lot easier. So bring on the watermelon!!!

SSSVEDA Day 26 – Keeping a New Year’s Resolution

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to write out the New Testament in longhand.

Copying text book material was a technique I usedSSSVEDA-Day-26-handwriting-new-testament in College to learn the material. The combination of reading and writing helped me absorb the information. So I thought it would be a good way to learn more about the Bible.

Today was the last day…I wrote out Revelation Chapter 22 and finished my resolution. I think taking the time to write it out helped me focus more on the words, rthen skimming over sections, but even then I had to be aware of my mind wandering. Not as much as when I was reading it, but i did have to pull it back periodically.

In any case I considered this another time of ‘raking the leaves’ level of reading the Bible. it helped me put things in context and become more familiar with the book. Now I’m going to start over in the New Testament and begin digging a bit. Going into the word more and studying what’s behind the word.

I suggest if anyone is reading this and you’ve not read the Bible, that you make a commitment to read it. I’d start with New Testament, the Old Testament is tough, not necessarily in the reading of it, but in how harsh God seems some times. Starting with the New Testament was more understandable and helped me anyway put the Old Testament in perspective. Maybe it’s like reading the ending of a book first. Some people think it ruins the story, but for me it helps me handle the stress when the story gets tough.

So I did accomplish one of my New Year’s Resolutions. It’s important for me to keep promises to myself. Often we keep promises to others but then not to ourselves. That’s something I’m trying to change.

SSSVEDA Day 25 – Little changes can make a big differenced

Maybe you’ll never want to go to a plant based diet…BUT you can do a few simple things to ensure you are getting sufficient veggies and fruits in your diet.

Juicing is one, but I’ll admit it takes work and organization t


o make it happen every 2-3 days. Making juice daily is best, the fresher the better, but so far I can’t make that happen so when I get the juicer out I do enough to cover a few days. Admittedly I┬árun out but still I am giving it a real try.

The other two items I’m toying with right now are easier and less time consuming but I do thing they will have a positive impact on my body. One is making fermented veggies. That is a matter of cutting the veggies, salting them with celtic salt and mashing them up. Then you stick them in a jar and wait a week or two and voila you have sauerkraut (assuming you used cabbage). I made my first batch so I’ll let you know in a week or so how it tastes.

The other thing I’ve started doing is sprouting. I made a batch of alfalfa seeds earlier in the week and we are all eating them. Yesterday I put in broccoli sprouted seeds so in another few days i’ll let you know how they taste. I read somewhere sprouts offer 10-30x the nutritional value of the veggie itself…or it was 30% more…can’t remember. Either way they are easy to toss on sandwiches, or salads or eat plain and get some extra nutrients into your diet.

So consider trying them.

The two books I mentioned on the video are:
Fermented Vegetables by Kirsten and Christopher Shockey. The book is pretty thick and is much more info than I need at this point but it’s also got some of the basic recipes I was looking for.
For Sprouting I bought
Growing Your Own Living Foods by Brian Hetrich
In the book he goes into the benefits of sprouting and how to do it.

Try one or both and let me know how it goes!

SSSVEDA Day 24 – Focus on where you want to go

I read a quote: Your position is not important…your direction is.

So don’t spend energy thinking about your past,SSSVEDA-Day-24-Focus-on-your-direction or where you are today. Instead focus on your direction. Where is it you want to be? Who do you want to be? Then take a step, even a tiny one…that moves you in that direction. If you don’t, you will never get there. It’s as simple as that. It’s up to you.