SSSVEDA Day 16-Let it Go

This is a case of TMI but I said I’d tell you what’s going on with my Juice cleanse so here it is.

I’m on my 6th day of drinking juices only and I had a loose stool…not much since I had eaten anything solid in 5 days. I looked back into the toilet as i was going to flush it and low and behold I saw a worm…yep a rather long one at that. SSSVEDA-Day-16-Sometimes-you-have-to-let-goNow I’m guessing this little fellow has friends so I may do another cleanse this fall but I wanted to stop this one at 7 days, ease back into eating, and make sure I know how the process works as i’ve read a lot of warnings about how you must be careful going back to solids after a fast. Granted my fast was only a week but even then there are ‘experts’ who say I need to ease it over a period of 2 days (a third of the length of the fast).

Tying ‘letting go’ of my worm to ‘letting go’ of things in life, I think they go hand in hand. Often, you have to let things go in order to move forward in your life. These could be relationships, old beliefs, grudges, anger, unhealthy habits or unhealthy foods etc. You can’t move ahead while hanging on to the past. I guess it’s like the old saying “you can’t drive forward when you’re looking out the rearview mirror all the time’ or something like that.

So look at your life, especially areas where things aren’t what you want them to be. Ask yourself, and be honest, are you hanging onto something that’s not helping you? If so take some steps and let it go. Then and only then, will you have room for the good things waiting for you.


SSSVEDA Day 15- You Have to Change to Grow

I’m Day 5 on my juice cleanse, hanging in there.

My thought for the day is that you have to change SSSVEDA-Day-15-You-have-to-changeif you want to grow. Often we are tempted to stay in our comfort zone but that’t not where we need to be. So look around and make sure you are changing in some aspect of your life.

And know that change isn’t comfortable.

SSSVEDA Day 14-My juice fast update Day 4

I’m continuing my juice fast/cleanse and I’m 4 and one half days in and so far …nothing. I’m hoping to see/feel some detox going on, but so far I’ve not felt a surge or energy, or felt weakness. I feel pretty much the same. So I’m going to keep doing it, a last a couple of more days as I’ve read and heard so much about good these are for you that I want to experience it.

Again I don’t want to lose weight so I’m not doing SSSVEDA-Day-14-Day-4-Juice-Fastit for that, I’m doing it to try to cleanse out/detoxify my digestive system. I know a juice cleanse is easier on you than either a water or dry fast, so maybe it takes longer to see any results. To be honest I’m watching my ‘pee’ and hoping I can see mucous, sediment etc which is proof the kidneys are opening up and filtering. But while I’ve seen very, very tiny bits of floaters, nothing like the many photos I’ve seen online.

It could be because I don’t have as many toxins in me as some of the folks who posted their photos, but with how I’ve eaten in my life and the toxins I’ve exposed myself to, I find it hard to believe I don’t have a bunch of stored up toxins needing to get out.

So I’m going to work at it at least for a few more days and see if anything ‘breaks loose’.

SSSVEDA Day 12 – Juice Cleanse Day 2

Today is Day 2 on my Juice Cleanse and while I’ve not been hungry, I’ve missed not being able to eat from a pure enjoyment/habit standpoint. That aside it hasn’t been that hard to stick with it. I enjoy the juices so that helps. I had SSSVEDA-Day-12-Juice-Cleanse-Day-2wanted to try making some crackers in my dehydrator but had to bag that idea since I wouldn’t be able to taste them without breaking the cleanse.

I’m doing the cleanse in order to give my digestive system a rest and hopefully start doing more detoxing in my body and get the lymphatic and liver and kidney system’s opened up and flowing. I applied a Castor oil pack last night and will again tonight as that is supposed to help with the liver detoxing.

It’s still early on Sunday morning so I may change my mind, but based on how I’m feeling now I may keep up the cleanse for a full 3 days. We’ll see how it goes. I’ll keep you posted.!

SSSVEDA Day 11 I’m starting a juice cleanse

It’s the weekend and I decided that i’m going on a two day juice fast/cleanse or whatever you want to call it. I thought I’d give my digestion system a rest SSSVEDA-Day-11-Day-1-Juice fastso for today and tomorrow I’ll only be drinking juices. Last night I juiced quite a bit. Yes I know it’s better to juice and drink immediately, but for most people that isn’t practical. Let’s face it, like I said last week, it’s kind of a pain to get the juicer out, cut the fruits and veggies, juice them and then clean the juicer. So I prepared enough for all day and part of tomorrow.

I’ve got pineapple, watermelon, grape juices ready to drink and then some veggie juices with various greens, cucumbers, apples, carrots, beets and celery. Some of the drinks admittedly taste better than others but when it’s clear juice I can pretty much drink any of them…unlike smoothies. If I don’t like the taste of a smoothie I can’t get it down.

I’m also going to do a castor oil pack tonight and tomorrow. You can read on youtube or google the way to make one and the myriad of benefits it has, for me I’m using it to help detox my liver and kidneys.

I’ll let you know over the next couple of days if i stayed on it and how it went.

SSSVeda Day 9 Life is a Formula

I got thinking this morning that while life and universe is very complex…for years the scientists have been taking this complexity apart and boiling it down to formulas.

If you look at it that way, most everything in life can SSSVEDA-Day-9-Life is a formulabe put into a formula. a + B = C water + sunlight = growing plant, if you have a dying plant you back into the ‘x’ factor eg what’s not working that caused the plant to die.

You can expand this to other aspects of our lives, our faith, our relationships and to the subject of my talks this month, to our health. Have you heard the old expression, ‘you are what you eat’?

I know I’ve heard it all my life but I didn’t really believe it…or more truthfully I didn’t want to believe it so I simply wouldn’t think about it. It wasn’t until I became a vegan (unexpectedly) two years ago that I became actually conscious of what I was and wasn’t eating. Up to that point I looked at food as a form of entertainment, showing love, feeling love perhaps, something to keep me busy if I was bored or depressed, you name it…I looked at food from every angle but what it actually is…something to nourish the body and enable the body to heal and create new cells.

I think it’s fair to say that at least in the United States anyway, the vast majority of people have an unhealthy at worst, careless at best relationship with the food they eat. We’re not getting the connection that GOOD FOOD and GOOD AIR = GOOD HEALTH.

Despite the abundance of food in our country some experts say we are malnourished. We’re not giving our bodies the raw materials needed to build new and healthy cells. And over time, this turns into illness.

So I’m suggesting we all look at all aspects of our lives and if something isn’t working look for the formula and see what’s missing. Little changes can lead to big ones.

SSSVEDA Day 8 – You’re being watched

Whether you realize it or not you are being watched, by your kids, by your family, by your friends, co-workers, even the person behind you in the coffee shop. So think about it the next time you are out. What kind of example are you?

I realized today, even though my daughters are grownSSSVEDA-Day-8-You're being watched women now, they still notice what I’m doing. They may not always agree with me, they may roll their eyes at me…but they are watching. So with the major changes I’ve made in my life with regards to diet (becoming vegan and now adding daily juicing) and faith, (becoming a born again Christian), I’m still able to have an impact on them.

So to those of you who have young children, do not EVER forget everything you do is influencing them. And for those of you who, like me, are of a certain age, don’t think you’re off the hook. Everything you say and do is still affecting others.

We all are being watched…let’s give them something good to see…